Sunday Morning Walk and Talk

Happy Sunday everyone.

Today I did a not really sports related video, and just kind of took you on a walk with me. This is basically like blog Tara, except without any planning whatsoever!! Hope you like it, and have an awesome rest of your sunday everyone!!



The Three Days Late NFL Report


Hello there ladies and gentleman. It’s been ages since I came here and actually wrote something, so I thought I would give you a little bit of that today. It’s a new year, and with that, ReTARA’D is going to have a new spin to it. It’s still going to be its same weird and wonderful thing that it is now, but with a bit of a sporty spice (if you will) to it.

Right now there’s a lot brewing in the world of sports. The Winter Olympics in Sochi are twenty-two days, nationals that decided who was going to said Olympics have been wrapping up, and it’s playoff season in the NFL. That’s the thing I’ve been REALLY into as of late; the NFL. I barely have a firm grasp of the most basic rules, and yet I couldn’t wait to get up at 11- after only 4 hours of sleep- to watch last Sunday’s games. Russ has firmly stuck me onto the bandwagon.

That’s what today’s post is about. What I noticed when I watched the games last weekend, and what I’m expecting to happen this coming Sunday as a result of that. So let’s get down to it.

January 11 and 12


Indianapolis (Colts) @ New England (Patriots) – to be perfectly honest with you, this was the only game of the weekend that I didn’t watch. New England won, which wasn’t much of a surprise to most people, 43-22. Russ filled me in, and although Andrew Luck was able to throw some great passes, Tom Brady was just too good (am I the only one who really doesn’t care for Tom Brady? Gisele can have him).

San Diego (Chargers) @ Denver (Broncos) – this game, was to me, almost an exact replica of the Saints/Seahawks game. The Chargers were completely dominated by the Broncos for the first 31/2 quarters of the game. Like the above game, the Broncos were just the better team, and their complete dominance of the clock definitely didn’t help matters. If I learnt one thing in this game (and everyone already knows this), its that Peyton Manning is a LEGIT quarterback. All hope wasn’t lost for San Diego though; the were able to come back in the fourth quarter with a couple of touchdowns, and onside kick (like in the NOLA game), and a field goal, bringing the final score  to 24-17. Unfortunately too little to late for the Chargers.


New Orleans (Saints) @ Seattle (Seahawks) – As I said above, this game was almost exactly the same (except a little bit more painful to watch(Russ and I were repping the Saints)) as the Chargers game. Seattle’s defense brought the heat, and Drew Brees being a bit of a pussy in the rain, really set the result for this game. Russ and I talked about this, and in the end, New Orleans’ demise really was on the shoulders of Brees. Their defense did their job quite a few times (it was a low scoring game for most of it), Brees just couldn’t throw anything and the Seahawks were just too good on the ground. Even in the fourth quarter, the touchdown he threw was fluky looking. Luckily, for the fans, he did make some magic happen in the fourth quarter (like the chargers), and they could walk out of the offseason with a score of 15-23.

San Francisco (49ers) @ Carolina (Panthers) – The 49ers really took their time finding their stride in this one. Although they were the first ones to put points on the board, Carolina was the first team to get a touchdown. By the end of the second quarter, it was looking like a pretty evenly matched game. After the half though, Kaepernick came out and started dominating. Carolina had looked really strong in the first half, but in the second it just looked like they couldn’t make any plays happen soon enough. The result of the game was decided when in the fourth quarter Cam Newton (of Carolina) threw a pass, and it was picked off by San Francisco, bringing the score to 23-10.

And now for what my picks are for this coming Sunday. My boyfriend called me a donkey because I picked both the favorites, but these are subject to change before game day.

New England @ Denver – In this one, I’m going to go with Denver. I think I made it clear that I don’t really like Tom Brady, and that’s the main reason that I think Denver will win. I also think they will win though, because Peyton Manning hasn’t lost a rematch to a team that he had previously lost to in the season (PS Denver lost to New England earlier) in over six years. Both Manning and Brady are great quarterbacks however, so it may still be too soon to tell; it’s going to be a great game though. For the fact that the two quarterbacks are so prolific, I am going to say that Denver will win by a tie (a tie is when an end result of points have a difference of less than three).

San Francisco @ Seattle – Like I said, I’m calling the favorite and saying Seattle (which sucks because I like San Fran). Both teams have great defense, and rising star quarterbacks, but I think Seattle’s aggressive style will play in their favor. To win, the 49ers will have to try and keep it in the air, but Seattle has led the league in penalties for pass interceptions, so that tells me that they won’t be afraid to take some flack for getting in the way of most of San Francisco’s efforts. I’m calling this one as a tie as well however, because I expect San Francisco to bring the pressure too.

So there’s my three days late take on what happened last week in the NFL, and what my early calls are based on what I saw. I hope you liked it, and please let me know in the comments what you think!

I made a little video about this HERE. Please go and check it out, and come on back for my gameday picks on Sunday!!!!

Hope the beginnings of your 2014 has been great!!!


I Put the “Eh” in Sunday (oh right, there’s no “eh in Sunday)


So, today’s post is really more cathartic than anything. I’m having one of those “eh” days. You know the ones; where its rainy and gray, you rolled out of the wrong side of the bed, and you just sort of feel…”eh”.

That’s why I’ve decided to open up this laptop and share with you a pair of pictures that were taken this summer that I love. These pictures are the product of one of those quick little opportunities (that my boyfriend luckily jumped at) that some people may have just passed up. And remembering the moment they were taken makes me happy, SO hopefully, for those of you out there who are also having an “eh” day, they will make you happy too.


And this is the matching photo

 We were driving down Highway 2 to Banff about a week after Shambhala. It was just becoming dusk, and I mentioned how it was cool that the sky was so big and open that we could literally see the sun setting on one side of us, and the moon rising on the other. The pictures do it some justice, but it was truly beautiful. Russ made the good call to drive up the next exit ramp and park. We both had our cameras, so when he was taking a picture of the moon, I would take a picture of the sun and vice versa. Then we took pictures of each other taking the pictures, and these are what happened (I think we can tell who the better photographer is, *cough* Russ). It was one of those moments where, as corny as this sounds, everything was perfect. I was experiencing the beauty of the place I live, with the man I love, knowing that we were both thinking the same thing. 

Sometimes, in real life, those moments seem few and far between with work, and family and all that other stuff feeling like its constantly getting in the way. But when I look at pictures like these, I’m able to remember that there are days where I don’t feel so “eh”. That life is inherently good and that I am lucky to have all that I do. 

I hope that you are all having a wonderful Sunday 🙂 Peace out yo.


The Technological “Golden Age” Through the Eyes of Tar

Soooo, today is not only my sunday snippet, but also a make-up for missing Friday. I wanted to do something a little different, and write about something that I have been thinking about a lot lately. Hopefully this resonates with some of you 🙂


“The only way to meet someone nowadays, if you don’t work with them, is online”. These are true words spoken by my seventeen year old co-worker. It perfectly sums up the attitude that I feel not only the new generation has, but the whole of society does too; or at least, the attitude that we’re all starting to lean toward.

Being twenty-three, I’m right in the middle. I’m old enough to remember a time where  archaic cellphones were a commodity, and people actually had to walk up to someone’s house and ring the doorbell. I’m also the target audience for the wave of technology that is sweeping over us. I can’t pretend that I know what it was like to use  pay phones to see where your friend/date was if they were late showing up. I’ve always had the convenience of being able to send a text.

However, I believe that convenience may ultimately be our downfall.

Recently, I decided to deactivate my Facebook (GASP!!). I honestly will NEVER look back. I started to feel like I had nothing better to do than read over the same statuses over and over again when I was bored; and that was alarming. When I told people my plan, I had to laugh at their responses. “I would delete mine too, but honestly it’s the only way I have to communicate with some people”. FALSE!!!! False, false false. Whatever happened to picking up a phone and calling someone? Or making plans to meet up, and show them your pictures in person? Ever since I deleted Facebook, I get more texts/calls/invites to hang out than I ever had before. 

My point is, to get real human contact, you have to put work in. And for convenience sake, people are starting to forget that. The internet is a wonderful place, it brings infinite amounts of knowledge to our fingertips, but it IS NOT the only way you can create meaningful human experience. 

I know in some ways I’m beating a dead horse. I don’t know how many conversations I’ve had with people about this particular example: You go out to dinner with your friends, and for the better part of the dinner, everyone is on their phone. Like literally, whoever is on the other end of the phone is more important than the REAL human beings sitting right in front of you. The prime example of what I’m talking about. People are losing their social skills to things like Facebook, and cellphones whether they want to believe it or not. The new “technological golden age” comes at a cost. 

It’s not just the younger generations that is affected by this either. My auntie always complains to me now that I’m not on Facebook. So? I can still go look at her blog, or text her, and just like that I know what’s going on. I think Louis C.K says it best in this video.

But finally, I’ll close you out with an example that proves that the comment my seventeen year old coworker made is wrong.

      On our way back from KDAYS on our anniversary, Russ and I caught the LRT. Across the aisle from us, sat a 20 something young man and a 20 something young lady. The young lady kept glancing over at the young man, smiling, making it obvious that she would like to strike up a conversation. Unfortunately, the young man was too afraid to take the opportunity, or he was completely oblivious of anyone but himself (another trait that I’m beginning to see in people). We watched as the young lady got off the train, probably never to see that young man again. 

We hear stories of random encounters like this, ending in marriage and kids, but no one believes it can actually happen to them. If people would put more faith back into humanity, as opposed to technology, maybe this state of mind could be reversed. Maybe people would start to legitimately take chances to get what they really want again. Maybe….just maybe. 

END RANT 😉 !! Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday, and I’ll talk to you all tomorrow.


Cloudy Sundays at the Beach

So, today was beach attempt #2. Again, I was up earlier than normal for someone who is on a day off, eagerly awaiting my friends Gina and Ashley who were coming to pick me up. Unlike last time, it actually happened. 

Out to Wabuman we went….only to be met with VERY cloudy skies (like to the point where it looked like it would rain) and cold wind. We albertan girls are tough though, so we still set up camp for about two hours; then we got tired of getting sprinkled on…so we headed to nearby Alberta Beach (a small lake town right near where I grew up) for lunch. 

All in all, probably not the most successful trip to the beach. I’m beginning to believe someone out there really doesn’t want me to tan this summer 😉 ….However, it was still a great time. I hadn’t seen Gina in a couple months, so we chatted about all sorts of things; some vice documentaries I watched, concerts we want to see, and just generally life stuff.

I hope your Sundays are great, and stay tuned for tomorrow….I think I may finally do a reprise that I’ve been planning on one of my earlier blogs.