Shambhala Music Festival

It’s Alive!!! Team CatMagic’s Amazing Race Canada Audition

Hello there internet people! Remember how I said the other day that I had something to show you? Well this is it! Russ and I have decided to put our names in to get on to The Amazing Race Canada.

Please take a second out of your day to watch this (its probably the thing I’ve worked hardest on in the last month).

Click HERE to go to my channel to like the video and to subscribe. Oh, and show your friends; that would be swell!

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and I’ll be back in a couple of days!!


Hello? Are You Still Living???

The answer is yes. I am alive; just a horrible, horrible procrastinator. In all honesty, I’ve missed it here. And I want to apologize to the group of you (no matter how small) for deserting you for so long. 

Ok, deserting may be a strong term. 

But thats how I feel. Soooo much has happened and I haven’t been here to fill you all in. Shambhala, weddings, general good times; I’ve had them all the last few weeks. And ohhh how I’ve wanted to find a place where I could write about them. 

I think I’ve found it 😉

It’s been a fabulous August. And tomorrow, I’ll talk about what was my favourite, but not the most important of them all. Something separate (even though I grouped it with the other things above). Shambhala Music Festival yooooo.

Till then….


In six short days, Russ and I will be heading down to Salmo, British Colombia to one of my favorite places in the world; Shambhala Music Festival. This will be my third year, Russ’ second…and I think its fair to say that both of our feet are getting itchy.

This is for (belated) Writing Wednesday…


Days pass so slowly

All night I dream of Home.

No concrete jungle,

No traffic, no cars.

Only sun, and stars

In a valley dome.

Waiting, waiting, and waiting some more,

Time please move faster,

Soon, we will feel whole.


I never said I was a poet :p ….Happy Thursday everyone!!!