Cloudy Sundays at the Beach

So, today was beach attempt #2. Again, I was up earlier than normal for someone who is on a day off, eagerly awaiting my friends Gina and Ashley who were coming to pick me up. Unlike last time, it actually happened. 

Out to Wabuman we went….only to be met with VERY cloudy skies (like to the point where it looked like it would rain) and cold wind. We albertan girls are tough though, so we still set up camp for about two hours; then we got tired of getting sprinkled on…so we headed to nearby Alberta Beach (a small lake town right near where I grew up) for lunch. 

All in all, probably not the most successful trip to the beach. I’m beginning to believe someone out there really doesn’t want me to tan this summer 😉 ….However, it was still a great time. I hadn’t seen Gina in a couple months, so we chatted about all sorts of things; some vice documentaries I watched, concerts we want to see, and just generally life stuff.

I hope your Sundays are great, and stay tuned for tomorrow….I think I may finally do a reprise that I’ve been planning on one of my earlier blogs.



Edmonton’s Next…..

So, it’s been raining today in Edmonton. A lot. During our travels, we came across two road closures due to flooding. Here’s hoping we don’t need any of that 1 billion Allison Redford gave to Calgary…

We’ve made the best of it though. We’re about to pop in the Meryl Streep classic, “A River Wild”, make up some popcorn, devour candy and split a “deep and delicious” cake….livin the life I tell ya.

Hope your Tuesdays have been lovely!!


Ps. Running didn’t last long 😉

Southern Alberta…Dang

All I have to say for today is that my heart goes out to all the people who live in the southern part of the province.

As I mentioned yesterday, we just came back from Calgary and in the span of a day it looks like a completely different place.

It isn’t just the homes, vehicles and personal property that is being taken away from these people. There is a chance that major events like the Calgary Stampede could get cancelled, or at the very least reined back. This has major economic consequences for the towns and cities that are affected as well.

With no end to the rain in sight, I don’t really see where they can go from here.

Mother Nature…she’s a bitch ain’t she.


Today, for the first time ever, I went for a run.

I learnt that I am RIDICULOUSLY out of shape. Like to the point where in a 3km run, I only ran maybe half of the time. 

But I guess that it’s an alright place to start. Regardless of the agony my lungs and legs were in the whole time, I really liked it. It was fun trying to connect and centre my mind to my body; I think it could be pretty therapeutic….hopefully sharing the fact that I did this with strangers will help me stay motivated….I couldn’t bear to let you all down 😛

Afterwards, we hit up the restaurant where we went on our first date (La Poutine; the only place in Edmonton that uses actual squeaky cheese curds on their poutines (that I know of))…side note: I realize how contradictory it is to go for a run and then go grab poutines later…

Then, we rolled around in the subaru and looked at neighbourhoods that we would love to move to.

Of course, just like most things we like, the area of our dreams is damn expensive, and there’s not a lot of rental options. However, I’m going to stay positive. I know that wherever we end up it will be good…and maybe one day we’ll get the dream house.

Hope your Tuesdays are going swell, and pray for me that the rain gets the eff out of Edmonton!