Hay, it’s Christmas…Already

I’m a wayward blogger. I know it, you know it, my cats know it. 

“Will she ever finish anything?” people ask. And I can’t blame them; It’s a question that I ask myself all the time. I know that I am perfectly capable of finishing things (you’ll actually get to see something I finished by this time friday), I just don’t. The worst thing is, I’m always trying to justify why I don’t, which takes up the time that I could have spent accomplishing something.

If I’m being perfectly honest with myself (and with you), I’ve put myself into a self-made pit of despair, and self pity; comparing myself to everyone I see, from people in my everyday life to celebrities, and that unrealistic goal of wealth and “happiness”. I’ve become a by-product of a generation that expects instant gratification. I know that I feel that if I haven’t found success, and am doing something that I love by next year, then I’m a failure. When in reality, people of my parent’s generation often didn’t find true success until they were older than me. I still have at least a good sixty years in me, but I expect everything to fall into place now. Put in minimal work, and then sit back and watch everything come to me.

Well Tara, that just doesn’t happen. It take a couple (or twenty, or a thousand, or even a million) tries before something is bound to work out. That’s something I can’t deny; that everyone who I am so jealous of, has pushed and struggled to get to where they are today. But then, this is probably all stuff that most of you know. Life is hard, and to do well, you have to work hard. When you’re busy living your life in your head, and imagining how great it would be if someone read your blog and thought “This girl should have a book deal”, (based off the MAYBE five posts that I’ve written that I truly like), you become apathetic to actually trying to make things happen. So what if I still don’t know what I’m doing with the rest of my life? I have goals that I want to reach by next year, so maybe I should just suck it up and find a job that works for me RIGHT NOW, not five or even twenty years from now. Because let’s be honest, thinking that far into the future can be overwhelming, and makes it even easier to let that apathy get the best of you. 

I need to start writing this stuff down and putting it up on my wall or something, because again if I’m being honest with myself, within a week I will have already forgotten all of this, having moved on to the next flight of fancy (this is a subject that I’ve talked about a million times with a million different people). 

I know this hasn’t exactly been a “Christmas” post, seeing as its kind of depressing, and really just the thoughts of a twenty three year old unemployed girl (key word girl) who acts as though her life is SO bad – when in reality I have a home, a boyfriend who loves me and puts himself out so that my bills can be paid, a family who cares, and great friends- but why pretend? I’d rather be honest than shove some fake holiday cheer up your asses. Losing sight of things seems to be a common theme on this blog, so maybe that should be my new years resolution for 2014, to live life one day at a time and enjoy it for what it is, not for what it should be (seems so obvious doesn’t it?). 

Anyways, I hope you all are having a great holiday season and I can’t wait to unveil what Russ and I have been working on for you all this Friday. PEACE!!

The Unemployment Diaries : Video Games and Skiing


Today was one of those days where I have to take comfort in the small things I accomplished. I helped my grandpa dig out some Christmas decorations, played Final Fantasy, tidied the house, and made dinner.

Oh, and applied for a couple of jobs….it was thrilling.

Who am I to complain though? I mean, I did just come back from vacation (I know its what you’re all thinking, so I have to say it first).

It’s just habit for me to get bored though. As I’ve mentioned before, I have problems finding satisfaction in non-lifechanging things. That’s probably why it’s taking me so long to hit my stride in something; I always move on to the next “thing” (be it blogging, or school, or whatever), inevitably becoming bored of that too. I blame that on the fact that my chinese horoscope is the Horse; as puts it, horses are the nomads of the chinese zodiac.

Ah, if only zodiacs were a real excuse for it 😉 .

I’ve also been thinking a lot about skiing today. All the hills around us are finally open, and both Russ and I are chomping at the bit to get out there. I’ve been dreaming of the drive up the mountain to Marmot (our hill of choice), freshly fallen powder, the sound of carved up snow under my skis, and the undeniable joy I get out of ripping from top to bottom of the mountain. Skiing has been life-changing for me.

For three years after graduating High School, I fell hard out of love with winter. Looking back, the three winters I trudged through before meeting Russ, aren’t full of too many happy memories. I had had figure skating in High School, but with university and life, I let that fall by the wayside. Winter had become a miserable six months that were cold, full of terrible driving, and just general misery (in my mind anyways). Without a winter activity, I was done. Then I met Russ, and in November of the first year we were dating, I met skiing.

The first time I went out with him to Marmot, I refused to ski. I was too embarrassed. But, while sitting alone and bored in the hotel room, I resolved that the next time Russ took me to Jasper, I would be joining him, not matter how mortifying it might be. So that’s what I did.


I think we made it down from top to bottom a total of maybe three times, and I sat in the lodge for about two hours, but I didn’t completely suck, and I was having fun even when I did. In short, I completely dug it. Like Russ, I found myself counting the days until we could get out again, and even maybe, might have had a bit of a temper tantrum when Russ went without me. Finally, there was something (other than Christmas ;)) to look forward to in winter.

And now, I can go from the top of the mountain, to the bottom (without falling) in ten minutes or less. It’s something that brings me a lot of pride. And, while tidying and helping my grandpa pull out decorations isn’t quite as thrilling as flying down a mountain, I have to remember that not everyday is full of action and adventure. Everyone has tedious things to do, and as long as I’m unemployed, I’m going to have to find a little bit more excitement in mine.

Hope you’ve had a great Monday!! PEACE!

Crybabies and A Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Good Evening internet readers. To those of you in Canada, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving; and to everyone else, I just hope you’ve had a great normal day 🙂

It’s been a good weekend. I got to celebrate love at my friend Jessie’s wedding, and then had amazing turkey dinners at both my family, and Russ’s family’s house. I gotta say it…I love gorging my face on Thanksgiving.

As I’m writing this, I’m realizing there isn’t really any point to this post; I just wanted to come on here and check in. I read this article on Vice a couple days ago, and the second part of it really bugged me, so I guess that’s something that I could talk about.


I guess…

The article talks about people’s inappropriate reactions to seemingly harmless events, or in the case of “Cry-Baby #2”, things. You see, a school in New York decided to ban sports equipment like footballs, baseballs etc due to an increase in injuries on the playground.

Kids can’t even do a cartwheel without coach supervision. This may just be me, but I think it’s a little much.

Admittedly, I don’t have children, so I’m no authority on what is best for kids; I do however know that I have managed to live for twenty three years perfectly fine, and I was DEFINITELY allowed to play with footballs and do cartwheels freely.

I guess it’s just another sign that things are changing. Copious amounts of arbitrary technology (Iphone 5s I’m looking at you), a government shutdown and children who will end up being afraid to trip and fall (aka another word for cats).

I guess thats all I’ve really got to say on the matter for now. I know its not the most well formed argument, but I keep slipping in and out of a turkey coma, and its the best I can muster up ;). I bid thee all a great end to your Monday night.


Miscellaneous Mondays???

Helllo there!

I’ve recently been thinking about the way I want this blog to go. Up until now I have pretty much just been coming up with things as I go. I think I want to change it up though. I figure if I have general themes for each day, I may start to write better organized blogs (most likely not though, I’m a notorious procrastinator).

I’ve decided that I will try to do a new blog every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then a special “Sunday Snippet” every week. For now, I have decided that Monday will be “miscellaneous” a la DailyGrace on youtube (one of my personal favourites).

SOoooo, on with the show! 🙂

As I mentioned, this past weekend was both my 23rd birthday, as well as Russ and my second anniversary; and man did I clean up. Lots of cool goodies from my family (not limited to: money and buttered popcorn jelly bellies), and some rad swag from Russ.

This year, I figured that I would do something a little untraditional for my birthday. I decided that I was going to hold my own soiree, and just ask that everyone bring themselves (and macaroni salad, beer etc). I was grill master, so I BBQ’ed up some cherry bomb chicken that I found on AllRecipes, which was to die for. ImagePuts the “cherry” in cherry bomb


Yes, I did attempt to take some food blogging pics

I also stole some inspiration from a fellow blogger, Jessica at How Sweet It Is, and made some Taco Spice Rubbed Burgers, which went down equally as well (sorry to any of the vegans out there).

For me, birthdays are really all about getting together with all your friends and family, and celebrating life. Not YOUR life, but just life in general. Another year older brings new challenges, and adventures so that’s why I like getting older; not for huge parties or tons of gifts, but for the experiences that I’ve had in the last year; and the new ones to come.

But that’s it for now. If you have any input about my grand scheme/a proper name for Mondays, feel free to comment. Hope you all are having a great day, congrats to Will and Kate (lol), and peace yo!

I’ll close it out with a real “artsy” pic of my burgs. Byeeeee!


oh, and ps…DO try these at home 🙂

This Weekend

It rocked…..well definitely Friday anyways.

I don’t know why, but I’m finding it soooooo hard to describe to you the events of the night. To most people it might not sound THAT exciting to wander around Edmonton, but to Russ and I, it was legitimately one of the best nights we’ve had in recent memory.

The one thing I want for this blog is to NEVER sound insincere, or impersonal…and right now the only way I seem to be able to describe the night is in a way that I absolutely hate. Sorry about that!

I think it’s just because it was so personal to me. Friday night really showed me that there is still lots of fun to be had here in Edmonton. I also got to see my boyfriend go in to “hero mode”, when a drunk kid needed help on the LRT (swooooon). While i wish that somehow I could do a more detailed play by play for you, suffice it to say we had a blast.

1)Hit up the Craft Beer Festival (heard BY FAR the best cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” ever)

2)Boarded the LRT and hit up the Druid downtown for din in a very very very dark corner of the bar

3)Walked across the street to Buddy’s (a local gay bar) in search of some good dancing music. Instead found terrible music, and an old classmate who made things sufficiently weird.

4)Walked allll(most) all the way down to the opposite end of Jasper Ave to the Starlite room, where we shook our butts for a bit to some crappy small time band (with two drummers?!?!?)

5)Caught the LRT, where we met a new friend who was in need of help….as mentioned above, we were able to assist him; and it felt REALLY good.

Trust me, if you had been there you would get it 😛


#neverforget lol

Saturday was just full of more work, and then watching UFC on our itty bitty computer before passing out at 10:30 (sheesh, grandma much?). And then of course, Sunday was Father’s Day, and I got to go out to the farm I grew up on and spend some time with the fam.

Maybe this isn’t the stuff that great blogs are made of, but its honest, and thats all I can ask for.

Happy Monday everyone!!! 😀