Hit Him!! Punch That Guy!!!

Hello there ladies and gents. I think this may the fastest ever that I have been back with a new post ūüėČ

Last night I had the pleasure of attending MFC 39 : No Remorse (great name eh?). MFC stands for the Maximum Fighting Championship; one of the lesser known cousins of MMA¬†machine the UFC. And for those of you that don’t know what MMA (mixed martial arts)¬†is, its basically men (or women now) in a ring fighting each other using a variety of different fighting styles for three (to five) rounds, or until someone is knocked out or submits.

Gladiator style yo.

There are ring physicians, so no one dies or gets seriously hurt, for the most part (see here), but it’s pretty violent-and I will admit-thrilling to watch.

It really caters to the primitive side of people. I had to laugh a couple of times at the girls sitting beside us screaming “HIT HIM!!! HIIIIIIT HIIIIM!!”. (I used to be one of those girls /palmface). The bloodier the fight, the more cheering you would hear. It’s all about those punches.¬†My friend and I definitely stopped a couple of times and questioned¬†“why do people love seeing other people get their ass handed to them?”

That’s basically how all the fights last night went. Four of the fights we watched ended within two minutes. The Co-Main event, for the lightweight title pairing Tom Gallichio and Kurt Southern (Defending), went into round two. As quickly as it started however it was over. Gallichio put Southern into a choke hold, and Southern tapped (Gallichio didn’t even make weight, a newly made rule allowed him to fight).

OHHHHH and the main event. What a snore. I literally looked at the crowd, and most people were on their phones, or had walked out by the end. It was for the Heavyweight title, and it pit Anthony Hamilton (Defending) against Darryl Schnoover. The fight went all five rounds, but that was just because Schnoover was one tough bastard. Hamilton had control about 98% of the time, and most of the fight was watching him try to force the submission. When it came to the decision, unanimously Hamilton got it. The fight had it’s moments, I won’t deny that, but when you hear the guy who won say “I wish I could have given the fans a more exciting fight”, you know it was a bust.

I’m not here to hate though. These guys have balls, and they try their best to entertain and to win. It’s just that some nights are definitely better than others.¬†

So, would I say MFC is here to stay?¬†Most¬†likely. I mean look at the UFC; it’s huge. As long as at least one fight of the night gets bloody (ie. Last nights welterweight fight of Jason South and Gilbert Smith) there will always be an audience for this type of thing. Like I said above, people love seeing other people beat each other. ¬†As long as it’s not them eh? ūüėČ

Anyways, I hope you’re all having a great Saturday, and to all of you here in¬†the¬†Great White North¬†happy Hockey Day in Canada!!! I will see you all here tomorrow with my gameday picks!!