long weekend

Long Weekend…

SOOOOOO sorry that its taken me so long to write an actual post of my own. As my fellow Canadians know, this past weekend was a long one. (WOOO CANADA DAY).

I was even productive! I had to work Saturday (booourns), but then got to hang out with some pals Sunday and get some *IMPORTANT* shopping (Russ and my anniversary is fast approaching) done.

Monday was full of yummy drinks, TONS of walking, and hot dogs. It was our national day, so Russ and I hopped the LRT and got nosey downtown. It was the first +30 day of the year and let me tell ya, it.was.hot(however nothing beats yesterday (+42)). Later in the evening we met up with one of Russ’s friends, Kevin, and had a couple drinks before watching the fireworks from our roof….unfortunately we didn’t get any good pics of those though.

I hope you all had a good weekend, and happy 4th of July to the homies in the U.S of A…Now here’s a picture!


worst fireworks pic everrrr?!?!?


The Boys

Beach today!!!!….I hope. Currently it’s looking as though plans are falling through.

I just realized though, as I sit here waiting to see what’s going on, that I’ve never introduced you all to the boys…

Russ and I have two lovely (if not slightly demonic) cats; Richard Parker and Clint. Richard originally belonged to Russ, and Clint to me. Now we are a blended family…and I’m stuck living with three dudes. 


Russ w/ his Richard (I’ve never seen a man more in love with a cat)




Sort of blurry, but this is a prime example of Clint in all his weirdo glory.

They’re total opposites. Richard is very dignified, and doesn’t come looking for love; you have to go to him. Clint however, will be so far up in your grill it’s ridiculous. I swear he thinks he’s a dog. 

They sleep all day, and battle all night…but we love them (most of the time).

Hope all of y’all hurr in Canada are having a great long weekend, and everyone else is having a great day!!!