OOOOH WEEE! It’s Almost Super Bowl Time!!…oh, and other things

First of all, Happy Lunar New Year ladies and gentleman. It’s the year of the horse, making it “my” year. FINALLY, (according to Chinese Horoscopes lol) things are going to start happening for me. 


sweet ass snow sculpture from Ice on Whyte


I don’t really believe that the year I was born in has anything to do with who I am, or what is going to happen (ok, I do a little bit), but I will admit that today was pretty good. A couple of days ago, my “long” struggle with unemployment was ended when I got a call from a Christian elderly care facility offering me a position as a food service attendant (basically I’m a server at an “old folks home”). Today was my first day, and so far I’m loving it. 

I’ve always believed that our friends that are categorized as “Golden” at the movie theatre, have been largely neglected in society. I’ve seen my grandma struggle at various facilities and heard stories from friends and in the news, and its just something that REALLY upsets me. People are people, are people, and I’ve just never gotten why when someone gets old, they are no longer taken seriously and not always afforded the dignity they deserve. Please note: I’m not preaching. It’s not like I’m saying that I’ve never been guilty of this too. It’s just that it makes me really happy to have the chance to give some of favorite people the best service that I can, and to hopefully brighten their day at least a little bit.

So thank you Year of the Horse. Even though it’s only one day in, I feel secure in saying I may have found a job that actually has some meaning to me (other than the pay check).

But anyways, moving on to the stuff you people REALLY care about 😉 . My pick for Super Bowl XLVIII. As always I made a little video up here, so if you want to go and check that out feel free. 

I’ve decided to go against (almost) everything that I’ve read, and say that the Denver Broncos are going to win it all. Some may see this as the obvious choice, because of the historic season that Peyton Manning has had, but it’s not all about him.

Yes, Manning is the better quarterback when compared to Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks, but it’s hard to deny just how great Seattle’s defence is. A lot of my (more well known) contemporaries, believe that the “Legion of Boom” is going to stuff Manning, and that without his ability to throw big plays, Denver will be done.

Well my friends, this is my theory. Seattle isn’t the only team with unbelievable defence. If you’ve been watching Denver play in this post season, you would have seen that their defensive line is getting steadily better and better (i.e. not allowing the Patriots to get ANYTHING going, in championship week). Because of this, I believe that both teams are going to have to get creative and go against the norm, to get some points on the board. Denver will have to try and run the ball, and Seattle will have to try and throw it. And that’s what is going to get them. Seattle’s WHOLE offensive strategy is based around Wilson running out of the pocket to make plays and Marshawn Lynch’s workhorse-like running game. 

Based on some of the passes that I’ve seen Russell Wilson throw under pressure, things aren’t looking so bright. Although I said that this game isn’t all about Manning, who can deny that he has the ability to adapt better than anyone, and switch things around to help lead his team to victory? Regardless of who wins though, this is going to be one of those games for the ages, and I’m excited to watch!! (although now I’ll be working, so I’m not sure how much I’ll get to see).

So has your Year of the Horse started off well? Who do you think will win the Super Bowl? Which Super Bowl commercials are you most excited for? Or, do you just not care? Whatever the case, leave a comment!!

Thanks for reading, and I hope all your weekends are off to a good start!! I’ll be seeing you Sunday 😀 



Ps I’ll close you out with another rad sculpture from Ice on Whyte


Late Night Workin’

Late Night Workin'

Hi night owls of internet land. Just thought I’d check in and say hi. I’ve been out and about with Russ this evening, doin some work and stuff. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful saturday night, full of your own adventures 😀

Up all night.
So dark, no light.
No chatter, so quiet.
This is what we live for.

I Put the “Eh” in Sunday (oh right, there’s no “eh in Sunday)


So, today’s post is really more cathartic than anything. I’m having one of those “eh” days. You know the ones; where its rainy and gray, you rolled out of the wrong side of the bed, and you just sort of feel…”eh”.

That’s why I’ve decided to open up this laptop and share with you a pair of pictures that were taken this summer that I love. These pictures are the product of one of those quick little opportunities (that my boyfriend luckily jumped at) that some people may have just passed up. And remembering the moment they were taken makes me happy, SO hopefully, for those of you out there who are also having an “eh” day, they will make you happy too.


And this is the matching photo

 We were driving down Highway 2 to Banff about a week after Shambhala. It was just becoming dusk, and I mentioned how it was cool that the sky was so big and open that we could literally see the sun setting on one side of us, and the moon rising on the other. The pictures do it some justice, but it was truly beautiful. Russ made the good call to drive up the next exit ramp and park. We both had our cameras, so when he was taking a picture of the moon, I would take a picture of the sun and vice versa. Then we took pictures of each other taking the pictures, and these are what happened (I think we can tell who the better photographer is, *cough* Russ). It was one of those moments where, as corny as this sounds, everything was perfect. I was experiencing the beauty of the place I live, with the man I love, knowing that we were both thinking the same thing. 

Sometimes, in real life, those moments seem few and far between with work, and family and all that other stuff feeling like its constantly getting in the way. But when I look at pictures like these, I’m able to remember that there are days where I don’t feel so “eh”. That life is inherently good and that I am lucky to have all that I do. 

I hope that you are all having a wonderful Sunday 🙂 Peace out yo.


Miscellaneous Mondays???

Helllo there!

I’ve recently been thinking about the way I want this blog to go. Up until now I have pretty much just been coming up with things as I go. I think I want to change it up though. I figure if I have general themes for each day, I may start to write better organized blogs (most likely not though, I’m a notorious procrastinator).

I’ve decided that I will try to do a new blog every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then a special “Sunday Snippet” every week. For now, I have decided that Monday will be “miscellaneous” a la DailyGrace on youtube (one of my personal favourites).

SOoooo, on with the show! 🙂

As I mentioned, this past weekend was both my 23rd birthday, as well as Russ and my second anniversary; and man did I clean up. Lots of cool goodies from my family (not limited to: money and buttered popcorn jelly bellies), and some rad swag from Russ.

This year, I figured that I would do something a little untraditional for my birthday. I decided that I was going to hold my own soiree, and just ask that everyone bring themselves (and macaroni salad, beer etc). I was grill master, so I BBQ’ed up some cherry bomb chicken that I found on AllRecipes, which was to die for. ImagePuts the “cherry” in cherry bomb


Yes, I did attempt to take some food blogging pics

I also stole some inspiration from a fellow blogger, Jessica at How Sweet It Is, and made some Taco Spice Rubbed Burgers, which went down equally as well (sorry to any of the vegans out there).

For me, birthdays are really all about getting together with all your friends and family, and celebrating life. Not YOUR life, but just life in general. Another year older brings new challenges, and adventures so that’s why I like getting older; not for huge parties or tons of gifts, but for the experiences that I’ve had in the last year; and the new ones to come.

But that’s it for now. If you have any input about my grand scheme/a proper name for Mondays, feel free to comment. Hope you all are having a great day, congrats to Will and Kate (lol), and peace yo!

I’ll close it out with a real “artsy” pic of my burgs. Byeeeee!


oh, and ps…DO try these at home 🙂