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Hello there all my lovely internet friends!! Today I have a couple of things to talk about; some of them sports related, some not (btw, what do you think about this whole sports idea? comment below!).

This has been an interesting week. I live in Edmonton and we’ve been having the strangest weather. Unlike the polar vortex that is ravaging the East coast as of late, its been unseasonably warm here. Like-as far as I can remember-January has always been the coldest month, but not this year. I think it was something like 5 degrees celsius here today. I’m not complaining, just saying; its weird.

Along with the warm weather, came an email from the the casting director of the Amazing Race Canada. Alas, as they said in the email “Season 2 of the Amazing Race Canada will not be the season we (you) will be running in.” It was a bit of a bummer I will admit it, but honestly I wouldn’t take back putting ourselves out there for a second. We’ve gotten WAY more views on that video than we ever expected, Russ and I had a lot of fun together and it’s an accomplishment that we are both very proud of. Plus, doing it really helped me hone my editing/writing/being in front of a camera skills.

Speaking of which, I did up another little “Three Days Late NFL Report” that you should go and check out. I talked very briefly about some of the things that went on in the games last Sunday, and discussed tactics that may prove useful for the Broncos and Seahawks in the Super Bowl (the first of a few instalments, leading up to the big game). While we’re on the topic, was I the only one who thought the San Fran/Seattle game was WAY better than the schlacking that was New England at Denver? (get it together Tom Brady)

I really shouldn’t have changed my pick on that one, because Seattle really pulled it out of the bag there in the second half. I know that probably all of you have heard about the pick that Richard Sherman pulled at the end of the game to seal the win for Seattle (and his “horrible, disgraceful” tirade to Erin Andrews right after (seriously people, get over it)), and their call to go for it on 4th and 7th-rather than kick a field goal-was quite the TSN Turning Point, but I have to say that for me neither of those were even the play of the game. My favourite was when, in the third quarter, Seattle fumbled the ball and 49er Jonathan Goodwin recovered it, ran it for a couple of yards, and then in the next play San Francisco scored a touchdown. For those of you who didn’t watch the game, Goodwin is one of those HUGE defence men, and watching him run was fairly entertaining.

Seriously girls (or just people who don’t tune in), football is so much fun to watch, even if you only have a feeble grasp of the rules. It’s almost like a soap opera in a way. The NFL has story lines that have arced over months, and years, many of which are pretty dramatic and make the games that much more interesting; and Superbowl 48 is no exception. The number one offence in the league pitted against the number one defence. Young versus old. “Crazy”(smart) dudes like Richard Sherman will be there, and even though I’m pretty green at this, I can already tell its going to be a gooder.

So if you agree with me, stick around over the next week or so, because I’ll be talking about a whole bunch of stuff Super Bowl related, and will be making my official pick on Saturday the 1st (if you want to get in on my action). I’m even potentially planning a party, that’s how into it I am.

Until next time, have a great weekend. And if you aren’t into the football thing, at least stay for the food (like most of my party guests 😉 ) PEACE!!! 🙂

Hit Him!! Punch That Guy!!!

Hello there ladies and gents. I think this may the fastest ever that I have been back with a new post 😉

Last night I had the pleasure of attending MFC 39 : No Remorse (great name eh?). MFC stands for the Maximum Fighting Championship; one of the lesser known cousins of MMA machine the UFC. And for those of you that don’t know what MMA (mixed martial arts) is, its basically men (or women now) in a ring fighting each other using a variety of different fighting styles for three (to five) rounds, or until someone is knocked out or submits.

Gladiator style yo.

There are ring physicians, so no one dies or gets seriously hurt, for the most part (see here), but it’s pretty violent-and I will admit-thrilling to watch.

It really caters to the primitive side of people. I had to laugh a couple of times at the girls sitting beside us screaming “HIT HIM!!! HIIIIIIT HIIIIM!!”. (I used to be one of those girls /palmface). The bloodier the fight, the more cheering you would hear. It’s all about those punches. My friend and I definitely stopped a couple of times and questioned “why do people love seeing other people get their ass handed to them?”

That’s basically how all the fights last night went. Four of the fights we watched ended within two minutes. The Co-Main event, for the lightweight title pairing Tom Gallichio and Kurt Southern (Defending), went into round two. As quickly as it started however it was over. Gallichio put Southern into a choke hold, and Southern tapped (Gallichio didn’t even make weight, a newly made rule allowed him to fight).

OHHHHH and the main event. What a snore. I literally looked at the crowd, and most people were on their phones, or had walked out by the end. It was for the Heavyweight title, and it pit Anthony Hamilton (Defending) against Darryl Schnoover. The fight went all five rounds, but that was just because Schnoover was one tough bastard. Hamilton had control about 98% of the time, and most of the fight was watching him try to force the submission. When it came to the decision, unanimously Hamilton got it. The fight had it’s moments, I won’t deny that, but when you hear the guy who won say “I wish I could have given the fans a more exciting fight”, you know it was a bust.

I’m not here to hate though. These guys have balls, and they try their best to entertain and to win. It’s just that some nights are definitely better than others. 

So, would I say MFC is here to stay? Most likely. I mean look at the UFC; it’s huge. As long as at least one fight of the night gets bloody (ie. Last nights welterweight fight of Jason South and Gilbert Smith) there will always be an audience for this type of thing. Like I said above, people love seeing other people beat each other.  As long as it’s not them eh? 😉

Anyways, I hope you’re all having a great Saturday, and to all of you here in the Great White North happy Hockey Day in Canada!!! I will see you all here tomorrow with my gameday picks!!


It’s Alive!!! Team CatMagic’s Amazing Race Canada Audition

Hello there internet people! Remember how I said the other day that I had something to show you? Well this is it! Russ and I have decided to put our names in to get on to The Amazing Race Canada.

Please take a second out of your day to watch this (its probably the thing I’ve worked hardest on in the last month).

Click HERE to go to my channel to like the video and to subscribe. Oh, and show your friends; that would be swell!

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and I’ll be back in a couple of days!!

About Time…said no one

About Time…said no one

This e-card sums it up quite nicely.

It’s been wintery here in Edmonton for over a month, but it wasn’t until yesterday that things moved to the next level. For the last two days, with the wind chill, temperatures have plummeted to -40 degrees (celsius). Ponoka-just south of us (and where Russ is from)- was the coldest place in the world yesterday; -40 without the windchill (cue collective gasp), god knows what with.

I however, did not come here to complain like I’m sure some of my other Albertan contemporaries have. Yes, its fun to get outside and roll around in the snow, but isn’t it great having an excuse to curl up on your couch and be lazy all day?? All you need to say is “My car won’t start in this cold”, and you’re set…no one can dispute you.

So, for those of you in the same type of climate as me, take today to just relax. It’s the holiday season, and I know everyone is busy running around like a chicken with their head cut off getting ready for Christmas, but if it being cold isn’t an excuse I don’t know what is.

And to those of you somewhere warm….F$5^k you! (JUST KIDDING!or am I 😉 )

Back tomorrow with your regular program. Stay warm friends!

The Unemployment Diaries : Getting Out and About

OMG it’s December, and I can’t even wrap my head around it. Since graduating high school, each year has progressively flown faster and faster, and 2013 may have been the fastest yet. 

Soon I won’t be able to blink without missing all 364/5 days. Sheesh, getting old is weird.

Since I was here last, not a whole lot has changed. I finally got around to running some errands like getting my boots fixed, and just today I put up our Christmas tree (its a cute little pink thing; not really sure what I was thinking when I bought it). I also finally found the motivation to create a little camera set up and film a teeny video for the world to see. My accomplishments are small, but definitely satisfying.


a shot of the lil pink tree that could from last year

I’ve had a couple small epiphanies this week too. Something that always seems to be a subject of contention with Russ and I, is how sometimes when he is telling me a story-and I seem like I’m listening- I am really busy being stuck inside my head, thinking and thinking and thinking. I’m sure you can imagine what it’s like telling a whole story, and then finding out later that the person you were telling it to barely absorbed anything (sorry Russ)…

…this week, I discovered what thats like pretty hard. I was telling someone about our trip (they asked me keep in mind), and the whole time I was talking, I didn’t really receive any feedback or followup questions. It felt like I was reciting something from a page, and had no opportunity to really get into it and tell them some of the behind the scenes stories. The person I was telling was upset about something that had happened that day, and it was obvious that they were still stuck on it ; so much so that after I was done telling my story, the upset was brought up again. 

Instead of being upset however, I used that moment to learn a bit of a lesson about myself. While I was thinking “man, I feel like I’m talking for no reason”,  the train of thought that I often do the same thing to other people was started. Everyone does it, but this was one of the first times that I was able to bring it back around and honestly apply it to myself. 

Hopefully being unemployed keeps this trend of realizations going. 

But anyways, that is what I am going to leave you with today. I have chili cooking in the slow cooker (it smells divine), and I’m off to start some bannock to go along with it. Have a lovely sunday evening/monday morning in other parts of the world!! PEACE!!

Vacation and The Unemployment Diaries : Prologue

Hello there blog…it’s been awhile; I’ve officially been back in Edmonton for exactly a week now, but my vacation only “technically” ended three days ago. From start to finish it was a great time (we met Bassnectar in the airport and flew on the same plane as him to L.A. if that says anything). I finally saw Disneyland, we were a part of both the Price is Right and Craig Ferguson’s audience, hit Vegas for the first time, and so so much more.


Russ and I at “The Happiest Place On Earth”

I think a few parts of me finally found home in L.A. Every person we met there was lovely, and so open and willing to talk and to offer advice (I will forever be kicking myself for buying into the “loud-mouth American” stereotype). We stayed in a super trendy hotel, The Standard, on Sunset Boulevard, which was rad. The action that we could watch right out of our hotel window was the best part. HollyWeird indeed. I’m so grateful that we were able to go, experience some new things, and to just recharge. There were moments, especially while walking around Disneyland and Vegas, where I felt sort of like I was back at Sham; genuinely happy, and loving all the crazy things there were to see.


“artwork” at our hotel


Santa Monica


Russ strolling the Hollywood Walk of Fame


us on Fremont Street in Vegas

But now, to the Unemployment Diaries part of this whole thing. As I’m sure some of you know, I mentioned in this post that I had just quit my job. Well, I came back from this glorious vacation to no job, and three days after officially coming back to real life, I still am without job. I won’t deny that I am loving it; the last three days have been a combination of getting stuff accomplished, and doing absolutely nothing but enjoying my own time. I don’t know how long this is going to last, but I plan on reaping the benefits while I can (I didn’t choose the home life, the home life chose me ;)). 

What one of my plans is, is to a bi-daily post on here about what I have been doing with my unemployed time. I’ve also been thinking about trying to assign myself a new random topic each week to try and research, so I will potentially be posting my research to this blog each Sunday too. I know this is a lofty goal, but really, other than applying for jobs and maintaining the cleanliness of our house, what else am I going to do? If anyone happens to stumble upon this post and knows of any cool topics I could learn about feel free to comment or whatever. 

I hope everyone has been having a great weekend, and whether you are somewhere hot, or somewhere cold, you are staying nice and comfortable. Thanks for hearing me out on yet another hair-brained scheme, and I’ll be back soon 🙂


Leaving the Country and Starting Fresh


Sorry for the extended hiatus. It’s been kind of a whirlwind to be completely honest. A couple of weeks ago, I discovered that I was being played pretty hard at my job, and it has all kind of snowballed from there. I pined, and stressed out about it for a whole weekend, and by the end of it, I decided to quit. My heart had never quite been in the job anyways, and after the experience in question, I knew that I could no longer work there.

So now, I’m unemployed. 

For the first time in eight years. And ohhhhhh, its scary.

Scary, but I also feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders. 

Stagnation would be the best word to describe my experience over the last year. That’s not to say that I didn’t learn anything in my time there, but by settling and taking a job that I was not really sure about from the get go, I feel like I really started just settling a lot more in my normal everyday life as well. Dropping everything suddenly though, has given me the shock to the system that I desperately needed. I feel invigorated, and excited about going out and pursuing new opportunities. I’m still mid quarter-life crisis, but at least I’ve finally found the courage to remove one of the things that drained so much of my energy.

I have a clean slate. (yay!)

Oh, and did I mention….Russ and I are headed to sunny California on Monday!! His parents very very kindly gave us money to go on a trip for Russ’s birthday, and honestly it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m so excited to get out of our little ice water burg for a bit and see some things that I’ve never seen before (one of which is Disneyland, eeeek!!!). So if you don’t see anything from me this week, don’t fret, because I will be back next week with cool pictures, and hopefully some cool stories.

Hope you all have a fantastic Saturday night!!

Peace out yo!!!



-oh, and here’s a cute picture 🙂

Excuse Me While I Hang My Head in Shame


Hello again internet readers. It has now been about half a month since I promised you an epic tale about sham….instead I’m here writing an apology for letting this blog dwindle so much. 


(What is this? The third time?)

I wish I could say that I have been CRAZY BUSY, and that I just haven’t had a spare second to sit down and write something….but that would mean that I was lying to you; and I never want to lie to you. 

Here’s the honest truth, and it may shock you(most likely not though ;))….I am unbelievably lazy, and if there isn’t something telling me to accomplish things, then my motivation to do said things is absolutely 0%. It’s the reason university just wasn’t for me.

You’re probably asking yourself right now “Well then why Tara? Why even bother coming back?”. Welp, it’s because I actually really love coming on here. I love looking to see how many people have looked at my blog. I love the feeling I get when I have written a blog I really enjoy. Mostly, I love being on the internet 😛 

It’s strange. In the last couple of days, things have been going on in my life that have made me think about my motivation (or lack thereof). I’ve been thinking about this blog almost everyday, and it wasn’t until yesterday (when I was lying on the couch, stoned out of my tree) that suddenly an overwhelming wave of wanting to accomplish things overcame me (ironic I know). 

I realized that in order to accomplish what I want, I have to take baby steps (I’m prone to waiting for something BIG to happen before I make a move). Getting back on here was the first step…the next one is to just try and keep the momentum going.

I’m not going to promise that I will post every day, or even every second day; but at least once a week (just to start). 

I know it’s easy to say I’m going to change, its another thing to prove it, but I’m not just proving this to you, the readers, I’m proving something to myself too. 

Thank you to those of you who will read this, and may even wait on the edge of their seat for my next post. You’re most likely not going to get a tale of sham (maybe some anecdotes), but you are appreciated. The idea that someone is interested in what I have to say means alot to me.

Until next time…stay thirsty my friends 😉