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Hello there all my lovely internet friends!! Today I have a couple of things to talk about; some of them sports related, some not (btw, what do you think about this whole sports idea? comment below!).

This has been an interesting week. I live in Edmonton and we’ve been having the strangest weather. Unlike the polar vortex that is ravaging the East coast as of late, its been unseasonably warm here. Like-as far as I can remember-January has always been the coldest month, but not this year. I think it was something like 5 degrees celsius here today. I’m not complaining, just saying; its weird.

Along with the warm weather, came an email from the the casting director of the Amazing Race Canada. Alas, as they said in the email “Season 2 of the Amazing Race Canada will not be the season we (you) will be running in.” It was a bit of a bummer I will admit it, but honestly I wouldn’t take back putting ourselves out there for a second. We’ve gotten WAY more views on that video than we ever expected, Russ and I had a lot of fun together and it’s an accomplishment that we are both very proud of. Plus, doing it really helped me hone my editing/writing/being in front of a camera skills.

Speaking of which, I did up another little “Three Days Late NFL Report” that you should go and check out. I talked very briefly about some of the things that went on in the games last Sunday, and discussed tactics that may prove useful for the Broncos and Seahawks in the Super Bowl (the first of a few instalments, leading up to the big game). While we’re on the topic, was I the only one who thought the San Fran/Seattle game was WAY better than the schlacking that was New England at Denver? (get it together Tom Brady)

I really shouldn’t have changed my pick on that one, because Seattle really pulled it out of the bag there in the second half. I know that probably all of you have heard about the pick that Richard Sherman pulled at the end of the game to seal the win for Seattle (and his “horrible, disgraceful” tirade to Erin Andrews right after (seriously people, get over it)), and their call to go for it on 4th and 7th-rather than kick a field goal-was quite the TSN Turning Point, but I have to say that for me neither of those were even the play of the game. My favourite was when, in the third quarter, Seattle fumbled the ball and 49er Jonathan Goodwin recovered it, ran it for a couple of yards, and then in the next play San Francisco scored a touchdown. For those of you who didn’t watch the game, Goodwin is one of those HUGE defence men, and watching him run was fairly entertaining.

Seriously girls (or just people who don’t tune in), football is so much fun to watch, even if you only have a feeble grasp of the rules. It’s almost like a soap opera in a way. The NFL has story lines that have arced over months, and years, many of which are pretty dramatic and make the games that much more interesting; and Superbowl 48 is no exception. The number one offence in the league pitted against the number one defence. Young versus old. “Crazy”(smart) dudes like Richard Sherman will be there, and even though I’m pretty green at this, I can already tell its going to be a gooder.

So if you agree with me, stick around over the next week or so, because I’ll be talking about a whole bunch of stuff Super Bowl related, and will be making my official pick on Saturday the 1st (if you want to get in on my action). I’m even potentially planning a party, that’s how into it I am.

Until next time, have a great weekend. And if you aren’t into the football thing, at least stay for the food (like most of my party guests ūüėČ ) PEACE!!! ūüôā

LAST MINUTE Game Day Picks

Hi there! Just swingin by to let you know I uploaded a new video (as promised) with my game day picks. I kind of failed, and it didn’t get uploaded until the beginning of the first game /slowclap.

Just as a note, because I didn’t say it in the video, I’m still calling the Seahawk/49ers game as a tie.

Happy Sunday everyone!!! Whether you’re watching football or doing something else, I hope its a great one.

Hit Him!! Punch That Guy!!!

Hello there ladies and gents. I think this may the fastest ever that I have been back with a new post ūüėČ

Last night I had the pleasure of attending MFC 39 : No Remorse (great name eh?). MFC stands for the Maximum Fighting Championship; one of the lesser known cousins of MMA¬†machine the UFC. And for those of you that don’t know what MMA (mixed martial arts)¬†is, its basically men (or women now) in a ring fighting each other using a variety of different fighting styles for three (to five) rounds, or until someone is knocked out or submits.

Gladiator style yo.

There are ring physicians, so no one dies or gets seriously hurt, for the most part (see here), but it’s pretty violent-and I will admit-thrilling to watch.

It really caters to the primitive side of people. I had to laugh a couple of times at the girls sitting beside us screaming “HIT HIM!!! HIIIIIIT HIIIIM!!”. (I used to be one of those girls /palmface). The bloodier the fight, the more cheering you would hear. It’s all about those punches.¬†My friend and I definitely stopped a couple of times and questioned¬†“why do people love seeing other people get their ass handed to them?”

That’s basically how all the fights last night went. Four of the fights we watched ended within two minutes. The Co-Main event, for the lightweight title pairing Tom Gallichio and Kurt Southern (Defending), went into round two. As quickly as it started however it was over. Gallichio put Southern into a choke hold, and Southern tapped (Gallichio didn’t even make weight, a newly made rule allowed him to fight).

OHHHHH and the main event. What a snore. I literally looked at the crowd, and most people were on their phones, or had walked out by the end. It was for the Heavyweight title, and it pit Anthony Hamilton (Defending) against Darryl Schnoover. The fight went all five rounds, but that was just because Schnoover was one tough bastard. Hamilton had control about 98% of the time, and most of the fight was watching him try to force the submission. When it came to the decision, unanimously Hamilton got it. The fight had it’s moments, I won’t deny that, but when you hear the guy who won say “I wish I could have given the fans a more exciting fight”, you know it was a bust.

I’m not here to hate though. These guys have balls, and they try their best to entertain and to win. It’s just that some nights are definitely better than others.¬†

So, would I say MFC is here to stay?¬†Most¬†likely. I mean look at the UFC; it’s huge. As long as at least one fight of the night gets bloody (ie. Last nights welterweight fight of Jason South and Gilbert Smith) there will always be an audience for this type of thing. Like I said above, people love seeing other people beat each other. ¬†As long as it’s not them eh? ūüėČ

Anyways, I hope you’re all having a great Saturday, and to all of you here in¬†the¬†Great White North¬†happy Hockey Day in Canada!!! I will see you all here tomorrow with my gameday picks!!


The Three Days Late NFL Report


Hello there ladies and gentleman. It’s been ages since I came here and actually wrote something, so I thought I would give you a little bit of that today. It’s a new year, and with that, ReTARA’D is going to have a new spin to it. It’s still going to be its same weird and wonderful thing that it is now, but with a bit of a sporty spice (if you will) to it.

Right now there’s a lot brewing in the world of sports. The Winter Olympics in Sochi are twenty-two days, nationals that decided who was going to said Olympics have been wrapping up, and it’s playoff season in the NFL. That’s the thing I’ve been REALLY into as of late; the NFL. I barely have a firm grasp of the most basic rules, and yet I couldn’t wait to get up at 11- after only 4 hours of sleep- to watch last Sunday’s games. Russ has firmly stuck me onto the bandwagon.

That’s what today’s post is about. What I noticed when I watched the games last weekend, and what I’m expecting to happen this coming Sunday as a result of that. So let’s get down to it.

January 11 and 12


Indianapolis (Colts) @ New England (Patriots) – to be perfectly honest with you, this was the only game of the weekend that I didn’t watch. New England won, which wasn’t much of a surprise to most people, 43-22. Russ filled me in, and although Andrew Luck was able to throw some great passes, Tom Brady was just too good (am I the only one who really doesn’t care for Tom Brady? Gisele can have him).

San Diego (Chargers) @ Denver (Broncos) – this game, was to me, almost an exact replica of the Saints/Seahawks game. The Chargers were completely dominated by the Broncos for the first 31/2 quarters of the game.¬†Like the above game, the Broncos were just the better team, and their complete dominance of the clock definitely didn’t help matters.¬†If I learnt one thing in this game (and everyone already knows this), its that Peyton Manning is a LEGIT quarterback. All hope wasn’t lost for San Diego though; the were able to come back in the fourth quarter with a couple of touchdowns, and onside kick (like in the NOLA game), and a field goal, bringing the final score ¬†to 24-17. Unfortunately too little to late for the Chargers.


New Orleans (Saints)¬†@ Seattle (Seahawks) – As I said above, this game was almost exactly the same (except a little bit more painful to watch(Russ and I were repping the Saints)) as the Chargers game. Seattle’s defense brought the heat, and Drew Brees being a bit of a pussy in the rain, really set the result for this game. Russ and I talked about this, and in the end, New Orleans’ demise really was on the shoulders of Brees. Their defense did their job quite a few times (it was a low scoring game for most of it), Brees just couldn’t throw anything and the Seahawks were just too good on the ground. Even in the fourth quarter, the touchdown he threw was fluky looking. Luckily, for the fans, he did make some magic happen in the fourth quarter (like the chargers), and they could walk out of the offseason with a score of 15-23.

San Francisco (49ers) @ Carolina (Panthers) – The 49ers really took their time finding their stride in this one. Although they were the first ones to put points on the board, Carolina was the first team to get a touchdown. By the end of the second quarter, it was looking like a pretty evenly matched game. After the half though, Kaepernick came out and started dominating. Carolina had looked really strong in the first half, but in the second it just looked like they couldn’t make any plays happen soon enough. The result of the game was decided when in the fourth quarter Cam Newton (of Carolina) threw a pass, and it was picked off by San Francisco, bringing the score to 23-10.

And now for what my picks are for this coming Sunday. My boyfriend called me a donkey because I picked both the favorites, but these are subject to change before game day.

New England @ Denver – In this one, I’m going to go with Denver. I think I made it clear that I don’t really like Tom Brady, and that’s the main reason that I think Denver will win. I also think they will win though, because Peyton Manning hasn’t lost a rematch to a team that he had previously lost to in the season (PS Denver lost to New England earlier) in over six years. Both Manning and Brady are great quarterbacks however, so it may still be too soon to tell; it’s going to be a great game though. For the fact that the two quarterbacks are so prolific,¬†I am going to say that Denver will win by a tie (a tie is when an end result of points have a difference of less than three).

San Francisco @ Seattle – Like I said, I’m calling the favorite and saying Seattle (which sucks because I like San Fran). Both teams have great defense, and rising star quarterbacks, but I think Seattle’s aggressive style will play in their favor. To win, the 49ers will have to try and keep it in the¬†air, but Seattle has led the league in penalties for¬†pass interceptions, so that tells me that they won’t be afraid to take some flack for¬†getting¬†in the¬†way of most of¬†San Francisco’s efforts.¬†I’m calling this one as a tie as well however, because I expect San Francisco to bring the pressure too.

So there’s my three days late take on what happened last week in the NFL, and what my early calls are based on what I saw. I hope you liked it, and please let me know in the comments what you think!

I made a little video about this HERE. Please go and check it out, and come on back for my gameday picks on Sunday!!!!

Hope the beginnings of your 2014 has been great!!!