Crybabies and A Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Good Evening internet readers. To those of you in Canada, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving; and to everyone else, I just hope you’ve had a great normal day 🙂

It’s been a good weekend. I got to celebrate love at my friend Jessie’s wedding, and then had amazing turkey dinners at both my family, and Russ’s family’s house. I gotta say it…I love gorging my face on Thanksgiving.

As I’m writing this, I’m realizing there isn’t really any point to this post; I just wanted to come on here and check in. I read this article on Vice a couple days ago, and the second part of it really bugged me, so I guess that’s something that I could talk about.


I guess…

The article talks about people’s inappropriate reactions to seemingly harmless events, or in the case of “Cry-Baby #2”, things. You see, a school in New York decided to ban sports equipment like footballs, baseballs etc due to an increase in injuries on the playground.

Kids can’t even do a cartwheel without coach supervision. This may just be me, but I think it’s a little much.

Admittedly, I don’t have children, so I’m no authority on what is best for kids; I do however know that I have managed to live for twenty three years perfectly fine, and I was DEFINITELY allowed to play with footballs and do cartwheels freely.

I guess it’s just another sign that things are changing. Copious amounts of arbitrary technology (Iphone 5s I’m looking at you), a government shutdown and children who will end up being afraid to trip and fall (aka another word for cats).

I guess thats all I’ve really got to say on the matter for now. I know its not the most well formed argument, but I keep slipping in and out of a turkey coma, and its the best I can muster up ;). I bid thee all a great end to your Monday night.


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