I Put the “Eh” in Sunday (oh right, there’s no “eh in Sunday)


So, today’s post is really more cathartic than anything. I’m having one of those “eh” days. You know the ones; where its rainy and gray, you rolled out of the wrong side of the bed, and you just sort of feel…”eh”.

That’s why I’ve decided to open up this laptop and share with you a pair of pictures that were taken this summer that I love. These pictures are the product of one of those quick little opportunities (that my boyfriend luckily jumped at) that some people may have just passed up. And remembering the moment they were taken makes me happy, SO hopefully, for those of you out there who are also having an “eh” day, they will make you happy too.


And this is the matching photo

 We were driving down Highway 2 to Banff about a week after Shambhala. It was just becoming dusk, and I mentioned how it was cool that the sky was so big and open that we could literally see the sun setting on one side of us, and the moon rising on the other. The pictures do it some justice, but it was truly beautiful. Russ made the good call to drive up the next exit ramp and park. We both had our cameras, so when he was taking a picture of the moon, I would take a picture of the sun and vice versa. Then we took pictures of each other taking the pictures, and these are what happened (I think we can tell who the better photographer is, *cough* Russ). It was one of those moments where, as corny as this sounds, everything was perfect. I was experiencing the beauty of the place I live, with the man I love, knowing that we were both thinking the same thing. 

Sometimes, in real life, those moments seem few and far between with work, and family and all that other stuff feeling like its constantly getting in the way. But when I look at pictures like these, I’m able to remember that there are days where I don’t feel so “eh”. That life is inherently good and that I am lucky to have all that I do. 

I hope that you are all having a wonderful Sunday 🙂 Peace out yo.



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