Hello? Are You Still Living???

The answer is yes. I am alive; just a horrible, horrible procrastinator. In all honesty, I’ve missed it here. And I want to apologize to the group of you (no matter how small) for deserting you for so long. 

Ok, deserting may be a strong term. 

But thats how I feel. Soooo much has happened and I haven’t been here to fill you all in. Shambhala, weddings, general good times; I’ve had them all the last few weeks. And ohhh how I’ve wanted to find a place where I could write about them. 

I think I’ve found it 😉

It’s been a fabulous August. And tomorrow, I’ll talk about what was my favourite, but not the most important of them all. Something separate (even though I grouped it with the other things above). Shambhala Music Festival yooooo.

Till then….


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