The Technological “Golden Age” Through the Eyes of Tar

Soooo, today is not only my sunday snippet, but also a make-up for missing Friday. I wanted to do something a little different, and write about something that I have been thinking about a lot lately. Hopefully this resonates with some of you ūüôā


“The only way to meet someone nowadays, if you don’t work with them, is online”. These are true words spoken by my seventeen year old co-worker. It perfectly sums up the attitude that I feel not only the new generation has, but the whole of society does too; or at least, the attitude that we’re all starting to lean toward.

Being twenty-three, I’m right in the middle. I’m old enough to remember a time where ¬†archaic cellphones were a commodity, and people actually had to walk up to someone’s house and ring the doorbell. I’m also the target audience for the wave of technology that is sweeping over us. I can’t pretend that I know what it was like to use ¬†pay phones to see where your friend/date was if they were late showing up. I’ve always had the convenience of being able to send a text.

However, I believe that convenience may ultimately be our downfall.

Recently, I decided to deactivate my Facebook (GASP!!). I honestly will NEVER¬†look back. I started to feel like I had nothing better to do than read over the same statuses over and over again when I was bored; and that was alarming. When I told people my plan, I had to laugh at their responses. “I would delete mine too, but honestly it’s the only way I have to communicate with some people”. FALSE!!!! False, false false. Whatever happened to picking up a phone and calling someone? Or making plans to meet up, and show them your pictures in person? Ever since I deleted Facebook, I get more texts/calls/invites to hang out than I ever had before.¬†

My point is, to get real human contact, you have to put work in. And for convenience sake, people are starting to forget that. The internet is a wonderful place, it brings infinite amounts of knowledge to our fingertips, but it IS NOT the only way you can create meaningful human experience. 

I know in some ways I’m beating a dead horse. I don’t know how many conversations I’ve had with people about this particular example:¬†You go out to dinner with your friends, and for the better part of the dinner, everyone is on their phone. Like literally, whoever is on the other end of the phone is more important than the REAL human beings sitting right in front of you. The prime example of what I’m talking about. People are losing their social skills to things like Facebook, and cellphones whether they want to believe it or not. The new “technological golden age” comes at a cost.¬†

It’s not just the younger generations that is affected by this either. My auntie always complains to me now that I’m not on Facebook. So? I can still go look at her blog, or text her, and just like that I know what’s going on. I think Louis C.K says it best in this video.

But finally, I’ll close you out with an example that proves that the comment my seventeen year old coworker made is wrong.

¬† ¬† ¬†¬†On our way back from KDAYS on our anniversary, Russ and I caught the LRT. Across the aisle from us, sat a 20 something young man and a 20 something young lady. The young lady kept glancing over at the young man, smiling, making it obvious that she would like to strike up a conversation. Unfortunately, the young man was too afraid to take the opportunity, or he was completely oblivious of anyone but himself (another trait that I’m beginning to see in people). We watched as the young lady got off the train, probably never to see that young man again.¬†

We hear stories of random encounters like this, ending in marriage and kids, but no one believes it can actually happen to them. If people would put more faith back into humanity, as opposed to technology, maybe this state of mind could be reversed. Maybe people would start to legitimately take chances to get what they really want again. Maybe….just maybe.¬†

END RANT ūüėČ !! Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday, and I’ll talk to you all tomorrow.



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