So, I know today is Thursday. Unfortunately life happened and I was unable to get a post up on here yesterday. I still haven’t decided on a prompt for Wednesdays, but I was thinking maybe writing? By writing I mean something like a short story, a poem, or a critical analysis. 

I won’t be doing one of those today, but if that sounds intriguing, let me know!!

Today will actually be a post of shameless self promotion.

Recently, it was Russ and my anniversary. I decided to embark upon a project of pretty massive proportions. I purchased a large canvas, found a pic that was right up Russ’s alley, and recreated it for him.

It was some of the most fun I’ve had in awhile. Getting creative is so great isn’t it?? That’s why I decided to make this public. I want to do more!!! 

If you live in and around the Edmonton area and would like a custom canvas done, or know of someone else who might, think of me. 

Here’s the finished product:


Done using flat latex paint. The accents in the corners are Modern Masters Metallic Paint (unfortunately the effect isn’t great in the picture). I then sealed it all up with a flat varnish.

So as I said, if you like what you see, please hit me up!! I would love to get into doing stuff like this 🙂

Hope your Thursdays are lovely!! PEACE!!!


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