Cloudy Sundays at the Beach

So, today was beach attempt #2. Again, I was up earlier than normal for someone who is on a day off, eagerly awaiting my friends Gina and Ashley who were coming to pick me up. Unlike last time, it actually happened. 

Out to Wabuman we went….only to be met with VERY cloudy skies (like to the point where it looked like it would rain) and cold wind. We albertan girls are tough though, so we still set up camp for about two hours; then we got tired of getting sprinkled on…so we headed to nearby Alberta Beach (a small lake town right near where I grew up) for lunch. 

All in all, probably not the most successful trip to the beach. I’m beginning to believe someone out there really doesn’t want me to tan this summer 😉 ….However, it was still a great time. I hadn’t seen Gina in a couple months, so we chatted about all sorts of things; some vice documentaries I watched, concerts we want to see, and just generally life stuff.

I hope your Sundays are great, and stay tuned for tomorrow….I think I may finally do a reprise that I’ve been planning on one of my earlier blogs.



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