Cautionary Tales…

So, I know I said I was going to do a reprisal of a previous post today….but I’ve changed my mind. Instead, I’m going to tell you a cautionary tale.

Today while at work (which I’m currently still at..shhhhh), I got paint on my favorite pants. This isn’t the first time its happened. Two of my favorite shirts have been sent to the clothing graveyard, having suffered the same fate.

Now may be the time where you ask “But why didn’t you have an apron on or something Tara?”. And I would answer, “Welp, I did, but this white paint decided it wanted to spurt out like jizz, and hit me willy nilly on my leg.” I learnt my lesson the hard way and intended for it never to happen again, but it did….and oh was I angry.

Hastily, I searched home remedies for paint stains on clothing. All of them said the same thing “DO NOT LET THE PAINT DRY”. Intent on not letting yet another article of clothing get ruined by my job, I ran to my coworkers and told them not to come to the kitchen, as I was going to take off my pants and try to save them.

Quite honestly, it worked, you can hardly see the paint at all; however, it was still one of the stupidest decisions I’ve made in my 23 years.

For you see, this happened at around 2pm (I work until 6), and the home remedy involved running water over the pants and then scrubbing with dish soap. I didn’t exactly have a pair of back up pants just lying around, so, I’ve had to sit here at work in soaking wet pants for the last two hours. I’ve literally been freezing, and have had to just grin and bear it.

Moral of the story: No pair of $20 pants are worth sitting in wet  for four hours, and using dish soap DOES get paint out of fabric. 😉

Happy Monday everyone….stay dry!!!


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