Month: July 2013

The Technological “Golden Age” Through the Eyes of Tar

Soooo, today is not only my sunday snippet, but also a make-up for missing Friday. I wanted to do something a little different, and write about something that I have been thinking about a lot lately. Hopefully this resonates with some of you 🙂


“The only way to meet someone nowadays, if you don’t work with them, is online”. These are true words spoken by my seventeen year old co-worker. It perfectly sums up the attitude that I feel not only the new generation has, but the whole of society does too; or at least, the attitude that we’re all starting to lean toward.

Being twenty-three, I’m right in the middle. I’m old enough to remember a time where  archaic cellphones were a commodity, and people actually had to walk up to someone’s house and ring the doorbell. I’m also the target audience for the wave of technology that is sweeping over us. I can’t pretend that I know what it was like to use  pay phones to see where your friend/date was if they were late showing up. I’ve always had the convenience of being able to send a text.

However, I believe that convenience may ultimately be our downfall.

Recently, I decided to deactivate my Facebook (GASP!!). I honestly will NEVER look back. I started to feel like I had nothing better to do than read over the same statuses over and over again when I was bored; and that was alarming. When I told people my plan, I had to laugh at their responses. “I would delete mine too, but honestly it’s the only way I have to communicate with some people”. FALSE!!!! False, false false. Whatever happened to picking up a phone and calling someone? Or making plans to meet up, and show them your pictures in person? Ever since I deleted Facebook, I get more texts/calls/invites to hang out than I ever had before. 

My point is, to get real human contact, you have to put work in. And for convenience sake, people are starting to forget that. The internet is a wonderful place, it brings infinite amounts of knowledge to our fingertips, but it IS NOT the only way you can create meaningful human experience. 

I know in some ways I’m beating a dead horse. I don’t know how many conversations I’ve had with people about this particular example: You go out to dinner with your friends, and for the better part of the dinner, everyone is on their phone. Like literally, whoever is on the other end of the phone is more important than the REAL human beings sitting right in front of you. The prime example of what I’m talking about. People are losing their social skills to things like Facebook, and cellphones whether they want to believe it or not. The new “technological golden age” comes at a cost. 

It’s not just the younger generations that is affected by this either. My auntie always complains to me now that I’m not on Facebook. So? I can still go look at her blog, or text her, and just like that I know what’s going on. I think Louis C.K says it best in this video.

But finally, I’ll close you out with an example that proves that the comment my seventeen year old coworker made is wrong.

      On our way back from KDAYS on our anniversary, Russ and I caught the LRT. Across the aisle from us, sat a 20 something young man and a 20 something young lady. The young lady kept glancing over at the young man, smiling, making it obvious that she would like to strike up a conversation. Unfortunately, the young man was too afraid to take the opportunity, or he was completely oblivious of anyone but himself (another trait that I’m beginning to see in people). We watched as the young lady got off the train, probably never to see that young man again. 

We hear stories of random encounters like this, ending in marriage and kids, but no one believes it can actually happen to them. If people would put more faith back into humanity, as opposed to technology, maybe this state of mind could be reversed. Maybe people would start to legitimately take chances to get what they really want again. Maybe….just maybe. 

END RANT 😉 !! Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday, and I’ll talk to you all tomorrow.




So, I know today is Thursday. Unfortunately life happened and I was unable to get a post up on here yesterday. I still haven’t decided on a prompt for Wednesdays, but I was thinking maybe writing? By writing I mean something like a short story, a poem, or a critical analysis. 

I won’t be doing one of those today, but if that sounds intriguing, let me know!!

Today will actually be a post of shameless self promotion.

Recently, it was Russ and my anniversary. I decided to embark upon a project of pretty massive proportions. I purchased a large canvas, found a pic that was right up Russ’s alley, and recreated it for him.

It was some of the most fun I’ve had in awhile. Getting creative is so great isn’t it?? That’s why I decided to make this public. I want to do more!!! 

If you live in and around the Edmonton area and would like a custom canvas done, or know of someone else who might, think of me. 

Here’s the finished product:


Done using flat latex paint. The accents in the corners are Modern Masters Metallic Paint (unfortunately the effect isn’t great in the picture). I then sealed it all up with a flat varnish.

So as I said, if you like what you see, please hit me up!! I would love to get into doing stuff like this 🙂

Hope your Thursdays are lovely!! PEACE!!!

Miscellaneous Mondays???

Helllo there!

I’ve recently been thinking about the way I want this blog to go. Up until now I have pretty much just been coming up with things as I go. I think I want to change it up though. I figure if I have general themes for each day, I may start to write better organized blogs (most likely not though, I’m a notorious procrastinator).

I’ve decided that I will try to do a new blog every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then a special “Sunday Snippet” every week. For now, I have decided that Monday will be “miscellaneous” a la DailyGrace on youtube (one of my personal favourites).

SOoooo, on with the show! 🙂

As I mentioned, this past weekend was both my 23rd birthday, as well as Russ and my second anniversary; and man did I clean up. Lots of cool goodies from my family (not limited to: money and buttered popcorn jelly bellies), and some rad swag from Russ.

This year, I figured that I would do something a little untraditional for my birthday. I decided that I was going to hold my own soiree, and just ask that everyone bring themselves (and macaroni salad, beer etc). I was grill master, so I BBQ’ed up some cherry bomb chicken that I found on AllRecipes, which was to die for. ImagePuts the “cherry” in cherry bomb


Yes, I did attempt to take some food blogging pics

I also stole some inspiration from a fellow blogger, Jessica at How Sweet It Is, and made some Taco Spice Rubbed Burgers, which went down equally as well (sorry to any of the vegans out there).

For me, birthdays are really all about getting together with all your friends and family, and celebrating life. Not YOUR life, but just life in general. Another year older brings new challenges, and adventures so that’s why I like getting older; not for huge parties or tons of gifts, but for the experiences that I’ve had in the last year; and the new ones to come.

But that’s it for now. If you have any input about my grand scheme/a proper name for Mondays, feel free to comment. Hope you all are having a great day, congrats to Will and Kate (lol), and peace yo!

I’ll close it out with a real “artsy” pic of my burgs. Byeeeee!


oh, and ps…DO try these at home 🙂

Thoughts on Turning 23…

Hello Everyone (if there’s even anyone still reading). I apologize for the extended hiatus I took from this blog. It’s been awhile; but for a good reason.

I couldn’t think of anything to write.

In the last two weeks, and even a bit before I stopped writing, I was feeling uninspired in a big way. It was to the point where I didn’t even like what I was writing, so how could I expect all of you to. But, regardless of my writers block…I’m back; and I have big news.

Tomorrow is my birthday!!!

And yesterday,it was made official that I have the ability to maintain a relationship with another human being for two years (the longest that I’ve been able to do that).

Lot’s of big things happening, and it’s made me think about this past year. I think that I mentioned before that this has been something of a transition year. I decided not to go back to uni, friends have started to fade away and been replaced with new ones(or a couple of the close ones have stuck around), and a lot of my ideas about the world have been starting to change. I’m learning what I like, what I don’t and I’ve been beginning to find my voice. Not only through this blog, but in my daily life. 

That has been the great struggle of my life. Not having the confidence, and the faith, that I can express how I feel without fear of judgement. As I’m sure some of you know, not saying how you feel may save you from embarrassment and confrontation, but it can bring you into a whole other world of suffering. There is literally nothing worse for your mind’s well being, than thinking and thinking AND THINKING, about saying something when someone/something bothers you. 

It builds this wall between you and the people that are close to you…and eventually relationships begin to crack. I have seen it happen recently to one of my close friends relationship…and I’ve seen it start to happen to mine.

So that is something I’ve realized in this past year; I don’t want to lose the people who are important to me, or who I truly am, to being too terrified of my opinion being rejected. 

I’ve realized that although there are major circumstances that occur in a person’s life, that has the power to change them forever, it is important not to dwell on them. For the better part of the year, I wanted so badly to change how I reacted to a particular circumstance. It kept me from trying new things, or from growing just in general. Although it wasn’t obvious to me, deep down I really thought that I had passed up the one thing I was meant to do. I was given the chance to to take a leap, and I didn’t. The slump that this put me in radiated out into my relationship. I won’t sit here and say that this year was terrible, and that we didn’t do anything. Because that wouldn’t be true; we did a lot. But what I do mean, is that for the greater part of the year, our relationship was static. Unable to move on from the past, I continued to do things detrimental to my relationship (and not learn from them, dummy). 

Things, in my opinion, have been starting to feel smoother again. That isn’t to say that I’ve completely stopped being self-centered in my relationship. I’m still only 23 and JUST starting to feel like I may be on my way to figuring some stuff out. But what I want from life, isn’t as grounded in the past…I feel motivated again to HELP Russ steer the direction of our relationship (and not put all the onus on him). 

Things are still hard everyday (as life should be), but I have high hopes for the coming year. I’m still in the midst of a quarter-life crisis, and I know I probably have a bit to go, but I’ve found resources that really resonate in me, and seem to put things a bit more into perspective. From “How to Think More About Sex” to blogs like Gen Y Girl, I’ve discovered that I’m not alone in this. There are other people who feel or have felt just as crazy/stupid/lost as I do. And I think that may be the best thing that I’ve realized this year.

Hope you all are having a great weekend. Russ took me/I took him to K Days last night for our anniversary to go and see Burton Cummings; it was awesome. To close you out, here’s a couple of pics from that. PEACE!!!


The Beautiful Couple


The Perfect Way to Close Out Another Year 🙂


Cautionary Tales…

So, I know I said I was going to do a reprisal of a previous post today….but I’ve changed my mind. Instead, I’m going to tell you a cautionary tale.

Today while at work (which I’m currently still at..shhhhh), I got paint on my favorite pants. This isn’t the first time its happened. Two of my favorite shirts have been sent to the clothing graveyard, having suffered the same fate.

Now may be the time where you ask “But why didn’t you have an apron on or something Tara?”. And I would answer, “Welp, I did, but this white paint decided it wanted to spurt out like jizz, and hit me willy nilly on my leg.” I learnt my lesson the hard way and intended for it never to happen again, but it did….and oh was I angry.

Hastily, I searched home remedies for paint stains on clothing. All of them said the same thing “DO NOT LET THE PAINT DRY”. Intent on not letting yet another article of clothing get ruined by my job, I ran to my coworkers and told them not to come to the kitchen, as I was going to take off my pants and try to save them.

Quite honestly, it worked, you can hardly see the paint at all; however, it was still one of the stupidest decisions I’ve made in my 23 years.

For you see, this happened at around 2pm (I work until 6), and the home remedy involved running water over the pants and then scrubbing with dish soap. I didn’t exactly have a pair of back up pants just lying around, so, I’ve had to sit here at work in soaking wet pants for the last two hours. I’ve literally been freezing, and have had to just grin and bear it.

Moral of the story: No pair of $20 pants are worth sitting in wet  for four hours, and using dish soap DOES get paint out of fabric. 😉

Happy Monday everyone….stay dry!!!

Cloudy Sundays at the Beach

So, today was beach attempt #2. Again, I was up earlier than normal for someone who is on a day off, eagerly awaiting my friends Gina and Ashley who were coming to pick me up. Unlike last time, it actually happened. 

Out to Wabuman we went….only to be met with VERY cloudy skies (like to the point where it looked like it would rain) and cold wind. We albertan girls are tough though, so we still set up camp for about two hours; then we got tired of getting sprinkled on…so we headed to nearby Alberta Beach (a small lake town right near where I grew up) for lunch. 

All in all, probably not the most successful trip to the beach. I’m beginning to believe someone out there really doesn’t want me to tan this summer 😉 ….However, it was still a great time. I hadn’t seen Gina in a couple months, so we chatted about all sorts of things; some vice documentaries I watched, concerts we want to see, and just generally life stuff.

I hope your Sundays are great, and stay tuned for tomorrow….I think I may finally do a reprise that I’ve been planning on one of my earlier blogs.


Coming to you live….


I am pleased to announce that I am currently blogging live from the fucznsylvania recording session!!!!! 

Some of you may remember that I couple weeks ago I wrote about how they needed to record. Well, they finally are!! It’s really cool too; they literally made a sound booth out of a fort of blankets in Justin’s basement. 


DIY to the extreme

Words can’t even describe how excited I am for them to be recording. Hopefully I’ll be able to show you all something real soon.

Hope you all have a great Friday, and I’ll talk to you soon!!

Long Weekend…

SOOOOOO sorry that its taken me so long to write an actual post of my own. As my fellow Canadians know, this past weekend was a long one. (WOOO CANADA DAY).

I was even productive! I had to work Saturday (booourns), but then got to hang out with some pals Sunday and get some *IMPORTANT* shopping (Russ and my anniversary is fast approaching) done.

Monday was full of yummy drinks, TONS of walking, and hot dogs. It was our national day, so Russ and I hopped the LRT and got nosey downtown. It was the first +30 day of the year and let me tell ya, nothing beats yesterday (+42)). Later in the evening we met up with one of Russ’s friends, Kevin, and had a couple drinks before watching the fireworks from our roof….unfortunately we didn’t get any good pics of those though.

I hope you all had a good weekend, and happy 4th of July to the homies in the U.S of A…Now here’s a picture!


worst fireworks pic everrrr?!?!?