How to Have a Good Solo Night In


Some of “The Essentials”

So tonight, I’m in by my lonesome….I think for the first time since I started this blog. Not to say that Russ and I are ALWAYS together. This is just the first night one of us has gone out by themmself in awhile.

At first, I was sort of bummed. Through my own insecurities, when I’m in a relationship, I tend to be a bit clingy (ok…maybe I’m a stage five…please don’t tell anyone lol). But then, after driving aimlessly around the city, trying to think of what the hell I was going to do, I decided that I would make the best of it. And ohhhhhhh how I’ve made the best of it so far.

I got off work at 5, and literally only just got home. I forgot how much fun it is to just cruise around, jamming out to music in my car alone (which garnered some laughs, waves and even a honk). Whatever; IDGAF 🙂 I knew however, that eventually I would have to go home….and that meant I needed to grab some supplies.

Aka beer.

Now I know, I know….in a previous post I said that I was quitting drinking for a month, but this beer. DAMN!! Its like drinking actual raspberries. I love it (cut me some slack…its beautiful out today).

Other than beer, you obviously need some delicious, nutritious carbs like ramen noodles (although I wish I had grabbed some sushi….or a pretzel or something to go with the beer), and Sweet Tarts. Because nothing, and I mean NOTHING, completes a good night in than the fucked up dreams you’ll have from all the junk you devour (I don’t just eat junk, I DEVOUR it mwahaaha).

And of course, the piece de resistance, a philosophy book about sex. I swear to god that I found it in the philosophy section of Chapters (quarter life crisis-s tend to pull people towards the philosophy section).I bought it only so that it can satisfy my need to be smart (about sex?).

This is the recipe for success no? I think so.

Hope everyone everywhere is having a lovely evening (or day if you’re in Europe) whether solo, or in the presence of human contact!!!




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