Fucznsylvania’s First Show

So I haven’t mentioned before, but my boyfriend is in a band. Well, a two piece really. Since September I have been loyally heading to the south side of Edmonton with Russ (every like second jam) to listen to him and his friend Justin start something that I feel has blossomed into a really great thing. 

Russ is on guitar and is main vocals, and Justin is the drummer/singer. Together, they are Fucznsylvania. The music is a cross between hardcore and psych rock, culminating in a heavy psych rock n’ roll sound. 

Anyways, the point is, last night they played their first official show. To an audience of seven people, in some dude’s basement, Fucnzsylvania was FINALLY born. You see, it’s been a long time coming. I think I told them that they needed to record as far back as February. Guys though; they never listen 😉

I felt like a proud mom watching as they slayed song after song, and people like my friend Breanna (who is in to top 40 music and such) were just jamming along. They’ve got a sound that I haven’t heard yet in Edmonton….it was awesome to see people enjoying it. 

For you see, I have been the lone Fucnsylvania groupie for far too long. I want other people to know the lyrics, be ready for the breakdown and to just generally rock out to some quality tunes. 

I wish that I wasn’t such a burnout, because I would have brought along my camera so that I could show all of you (cuz I know I sound SUPER biased right now). 

Proud. That sums up how I feel, especially of Russ (obviously). In two years together, I have seen his guitar skills skyrocket. I looked on last night the whole time, in awe that I actually ended up with a dude who can just shred. It makes me so happy to see him so happy and creatively fulfilled (although I admit it, I’m jealous too lol). He needed last night; he’s known all along that people should hear what they had to offer, and finally, they got the chance. Whether Fucnsylvania gets big, or if he does something by himself, I know that he’ll do it on his own terms…and that, to me is the best part. 

One of these days I’ll post a song, or a video or something and you can see what I’m talking about. Maybe some of you will love it; others will hate it. But it will be heard, and that will make it timeless.

Hope you find yourself well on this Sunday. Peace!!!!



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