I was kissed by a hardcore icon…

Last night after work, Russ and I made the trek down to Calgary. What was in Calgary you ask? 

Sled Island….more specifically, Burning Love.

Burning Love is one of Russ’s favorite bands, fronted by the legendary Chris Colohan (pretty much a god to canadian hardcore fans). After the show they put on, they’re now probably one of my favorites too. 

Like, WHAT A GOOD NIGHT!!! We were lucky enough to go down with a couple of rad friends, get in for free, and enjoy some damn good za and deep fried pickles while we waited patiently until 12:30 for the band to come on. 

OHHHHH, and how the wait was worth it. If you don’t know of Burning Love (or of any of Chris’s previous bands in general) check them out. It was hard but not too hard. Loud but not too loud. And rowdy as hell. 

The music sounds so angry, and the crowd is wild. Pushing and punching. Bodies flying all over the place. And yet, there’s this feeling of comaraderie that I’ve never felt at any electronic music (my preferred grooves) show. I think its amazing that people who are in to raves can spout off words like PLUR, love, and community; but demonstrate none of these qualities when they are at a show. It’s so individualistic, and I’ve never seen someone who has fallen down get pulled up as quick as the people who I saw fall down last night did. *Side note: I’ve been to Shambhala twice, and I will admit that is definitely an exception.*

I guess that I’m just becoming a fan of the hardcore scene. 

I mean, after the show, Russ went and full on exposed his man crush to Chris and he was totally cool about it. And to top it all off, he was giving hugs left right and center…Russ and I even got kissed #swooooooon. How many shows can you say you’ve been to where that happened?? 

All in all, I’m glad that since I started dating Russ I’ve opened my mind to new music and new scenes….I love the energy that people give.

Hope your Thursdays are going swell!!! 🙂



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