This Weekend

It rocked…..well definitely Friday anyways.

I don’t know why, but I’m finding it soooooo hard to describe to you the events of the night. To most people it might not sound THAT exciting to wander around Edmonton, but to Russ and I, it was legitimately one of the best nights we’ve had in recent memory.

The one thing I want for this blog is to NEVER sound insincere, or impersonal…and right now the only way I seem to be able to describe the night is in a way that I absolutely hate. Sorry about that!

I think it’s just because it was so personal to me. Friday night really showed me that there is still lots of fun to be had here in Edmonton. I also got to see my boyfriend go in to “hero mode”, when a drunk kid needed help on the LRT (swooooon). While i wish that somehow I could do a more detailed play by play for you, suffice it to say we had a blast.

1)Hit up the Craft Beer Festival (heard BY FAR the best cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” ever)

2)Boarded the LRT and hit up the Druid downtown for din in a very very very dark corner of the bar

3)Walked across the street to Buddy’s (a local gay bar) in search of some good dancing music. Instead found terrible music, and an old classmate who made things sufficiently weird.

4)Walked allll(most) all the way down to the opposite end of Jasper Ave to the Starlite room, where we shook our butts for a bit to some crappy small time band (with two drummers?!?!?)

5)Caught the LRT, where we met a new friend who was in need of help….as mentioned above, we were able to assist him; and it felt REALLY good.

Trust me, if you had been there you would get it 😛


#neverforget lol

Saturday was just full of more work, and then watching UFC on our itty bitty computer before passing out at 10:30 (sheesh, grandma much?). And then of course, Sunday was Father’s Day, and I got to go out to the farm I grew up on and spend some time with the fam.

Maybe this isn’t the stuff that great blogs are made of, but its honest, and thats all I can ask for.

Happy Monday everyone!!! 😀


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