Why, hello there…

Good Afternoon people of the internet. My name is Tara, and just in case any of you were interested, I’m doing this because I am bored. In the last year, while I have been fortunate enough to go and do some amazing things, I have found myself in a constant state of life paralysis. Why you might ask? Well, lets just say I have this incredible ability to hold onto things, and to dwell on events in my life like no one’s business. This inability to move on from things is frustrating to say the least. My goal of the last couple of days is to really get back to the roots and think about things (wow, how corny does that sound?). Soooo, I guess that is another reason I am starting this blog; as some kind of therapy. Even if you, the people of the internet aren’t interested in the musings of a 23-year old Canadian girl having a quarter life crisis, at least I can get some relief from thinking ALL THE DAMN TIME!! But anyways, buckle up and get ready to come with me on the most riveting (aka mediocre) ride of your life 🙂


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