Tuesdays offf

Ever since I started my current job at a flooring company called “The Carpet Studio”, I have been pushing to get Tuesdays off. I know people usually want like Saturday or something, but I’m telling you; Tuesdays are where its at. There’s never anyone at your favourite bar, at the gym, or just anywhere people generally like to go. The only exception is the movies….the crowd at cheap Tuesdays is the only downfall of having Tuesdays off. But otherwise, there’s nothing overrated about Tuesdays. (NOTHING!!)

The whole point of me really wanting Tuesdays off  though wasn’t because I knew of the great advantages of having a week day off. Oh no…it was so I could share a day off with the boyfriend. Some people try to escape their significant others….I stalk mine (i don’t, but i do, buuut i don’t). But seriously, I just find its nice to have a whole day to spend with him. We get to sleep in together,  then roll around the city for the first half of the day doing whatever we please, and then come home to the cats. It’s pretty chill. To be honest, I guess now that we live together, it isn’t all that much different from every other day, save for the first two parts.

Tuesdays with Russ; like Tuesdays with Maury, only slightly less about death…. For real though, we have fun on Tuesdays, no one bothers us and we get shit done. Not like when we go to things on Fridays…but that’s a story for another time.

Ciaoooo for nowwww!


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