Month: June 2013

The Boys

Beach today!!!!….I hope. Currently it’s looking as though plans are falling through.

I just realized though, as I sit here waiting to see what’s going on, that I’ve never introduced you all to the boys…

Russ and I have two lovely (if not slightly demonic) cats; Richard Parker and Clint. Richard originally belonged to Russ, and Clint to me. Now we are a blended family…and I’m stuck living with three dudes. 


Russ w/ his Richard (I’ve never seen a man more in love with a cat)




Sort of blurry, but this is a prime example of Clint in all his weirdo glory.

They’re total opposites. Richard is very dignified, and doesn’t come looking for love; you have to go to him. Clint however, will be so far up in your grill it’s ridiculous. I swear he thinks he’s a dog. 

They sleep all day, and battle all night…but we love them (most of the time).

Hope all of y’all hurr in Canada are having a great long weekend, and everyone else is having a great day!!! 



How to Have a Good Solo Night In


Some of “The Essentials”

So tonight, I’m in by my lonesome….I think for the first time since I started this blog. Not to say that Russ and I are ALWAYS together. This is just the first night one of us has gone out by themmself in awhile.

At first, I was sort of bummed. Through my own insecurities, when I’m in a relationship, I tend to be a bit clingy (ok…maybe I’m a stage five…please don’t tell anyone lol). But then, after driving aimlessly around the city, trying to think of what the hell I was going to do, I decided that I would make the best of it. And ohhhhhhh how I’ve made the best of it so far.

I got off work at 5, and literally only just got home. I forgot how much fun it is to just cruise around, jamming out to music in my car alone (which garnered some laughs, waves and even a honk). Whatever; IDGAF 🙂 I knew however, that eventually I would have to go home….and that meant I needed to grab some supplies.

Aka beer.

Now I know, I know….in a previous post I said that I was quitting drinking for a month, but this beer. DAMN!! Its like drinking actual raspberries. I love it (cut me some slack…its beautiful out today).

Other than beer, you obviously need some delicious, nutritious carbs like ramen noodles (although I wish I had grabbed some sushi….or a pretzel or something to go with the beer), and Sweet Tarts. Because nothing, and I mean NOTHING, completes a good night in than the fucked up dreams you’ll have from all the junk you devour (I don’t just eat junk, I DEVOUR it mwahaaha).

And of course, the piece de resistance, a philosophy book about sex. I swear to god that I found it in the philosophy section of Chapters (quarter life crisis-s tend to pull people towards the philosophy section).I bought it only so that it can satisfy my need to be smart (about sex?).

This is the recipe for success no? I think so.

Hope everyone everywhere is having a lovely evening (or day if you’re in Europe) whether solo, or in the presence of human contact!!!



Edmonton’s Next…..

So, it’s been raining today in Edmonton. A lot. During our travels, we came across two road closures due to flooding. Here’s hoping we don’t need any of that 1 billion Allison Redford gave to Calgary…

We’ve made the best of it though. We’re about to pop in the Meryl Streep classic, “A River Wild”, make up some popcorn, devour candy and split a “deep and delicious” cake….livin the life I tell ya.

Hope your Tuesdays have been lovely!!


Ps. Running didn’t last long 😉

Fucznsylvania’s First Show

So I haven’t mentioned before, but my boyfriend is in a band. Well, a two piece really. Since September I have been loyally heading to the south side of Edmonton with Russ (every like second jam) to listen to him and his friend Justin start something that I feel has blossomed into a really great thing. 

Russ is on guitar and is main vocals, and Justin is the drummer/singer. Together, they are Fucznsylvania. The music is a cross between hardcore and psych rock, culminating in a heavy psych rock n’ roll sound. 

Anyways, the point is, last night they played their first official show. To an audience of seven people, in some dude’s basement, Fucnzsylvania was FINALLY born. You see, it’s been a long time coming. I think I told them that they needed to record as far back as February. Guys though; they never listen 😉

I felt like a proud mom watching as they slayed song after song, and people like my friend Breanna (who is in to top 40 music and such) were just jamming along. They’ve got a sound that I haven’t heard yet in Edmonton….it was awesome to see people enjoying it. 

For you see, I have been the lone Fucnsylvania groupie for far too long. I want other people to know the lyrics, be ready for the breakdown and to just generally rock out to some quality tunes. 

I wish that I wasn’t such a burnout, because I would have brought along my camera so that I could show all of you (cuz I know I sound SUPER biased right now). 

Proud. That sums up how I feel, especially of Russ (obviously). In two years together, I have seen his guitar skills skyrocket. I looked on last night the whole time, in awe that I actually ended up with a dude who can just shred. It makes me so happy to see him so happy and creatively fulfilled (although I admit it, I’m jealous too lol). He needed last night; he’s known all along that people should hear what they had to offer, and finally, they got the chance. Whether Fucnsylvania gets big, or if he does something by himself, I know that he’ll do it on his own terms…and that, to me is the best part. 

One of these days I’ll post a song, or a video or something and you can see what I’m talking about. Maybe some of you will love it; others will hate it. But it will be heard, and that will make it timeless.

Hope you find yourself well on this Sunday. Peace!!!!


Southern Alberta…Dang

All I have to say for today is that my heart goes out to all the people who live in the southern part of the province.

As I mentioned yesterday, we just came back from Calgary and in the span of a day it looks like a completely different place.

It isn’t just the homes, vehicles and personal property that is being taken away from these people. There is a chance that major events like the Calgary Stampede could get cancelled, or at the very least reined back. This has major economic consequences for the towns and cities that are affected as well.

With no end to the rain in sight, I don’t really see where they can go from here.

Mother Nature…she’s a bitch ain’t she.

I was kissed by a hardcore icon…

Last night after work, Russ and I made the trek down to Calgary. What was in Calgary you ask? 

Sled Island….more specifically, Burning Love.

Burning Love is one of Russ’s favorite bands, fronted by the legendary Chris Colohan (pretty much a god to canadian hardcore fans). After the show they put on, they’re now probably one of my favorites too. 

Like, WHAT A GOOD NIGHT!!! We were lucky enough to go down with a couple of rad friends, get in for free, and enjoy some damn good za and deep fried pickles while we waited patiently until 12:30 for the band to come on. 

OHHHHH, and how the wait was worth it. If you don’t know of Burning Love (or of any of Chris’s previous bands in general) check them out. It was hard but not too hard. Loud but not too loud. And rowdy as hell. 

The music sounds so angry, and the crowd is wild. Pushing and punching. Bodies flying all over the place. And yet, there’s this feeling of comaraderie that I’ve never felt at any electronic music (my preferred grooves) show. I think its amazing that people who are in to raves can spout off words like PLUR, love, and community; but demonstrate none of these qualities when they are at a show. It’s so individualistic, and I’ve never seen someone who has fallen down get pulled up as quick as the people who I saw fall down last night did. *Side note: I’ve been to Shambhala twice, and I will admit that is definitely an exception.*

I guess that I’m just becoming a fan of the hardcore scene. 

I mean, after the show, Russ went and full on exposed his man crush to Chris and he was totally cool about it. And to top it all off, he was giving hugs left right and center…Russ and I even got kissed #swooooooon. How many shows can you say you’ve been to where that happened?? 

All in all, I’m glad that since I started dating Russ I’ve opened my mind to new music and new scenes….I love the energy that people give.

Hope your Thursdays are going swell!!! 🙂


Today, for the first time ever, I went for a run.

I learnt that I am RIDICULOUSLY out of shape. Like to the point where in a 3km run, I only ran maybe half of the time. 

But I guess that it’s an alright place to start. Regardless of the agony my lungs and legs were in the whole time, I really liked it. It was fun trying to connect and centre my mind to my body; I think it could be pretty therapeutic….hopefully sharing the fact that I did this with strangers will help me stay motivated….I couldn’t bear to let you all down 😛

Afterwards, we hit up the restaurant where we went on our first date (La Poutine; the only place in Edmonton that uses actual squeaky cheese curds on their poutines (that I know of))…side note: I realize how contradictory it is to go for a run and then go grab poutines later…

Then, we rolled around in the subaru and looked at neighbourhoods that we would love to move to.

Of course, just like most things we like, the area of our dreams is damn expensive, and there’s not a lot of rental options. However, I’m going to stay positive. I know that wherever we end up it will be good…and maybe one day we’ll get the dream house.

Hope your Tuesdays are going swell, and pray for me that the rain gets the eff out of Edmonton!